Ingenio de Divertinajes

  • Feria del Libro de Tres Cantos 2018
  • Jornada Prevención entre iguales, organizadas para la ONG Prevención y Desarrollo Social (PDS)
Hiring 2021-2022 [+] LÍDIA PUJOL, «Conversando con Cecilia» Tour "These are not covers , nor are they transgressive versions; the songs are presented respectful and so fresh like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. Pujol makes them his own, takes them to his field and, by recreating a capital work, manages to string together another of equal depth." Lluís Marrasé Meler, Rockdelux
  • Press service, moderation of tables and drafting of conclusions at the CINCCO21 meeting
  • Coordination of extras for the spot 'RTVE, with the Sustainable Development Goals'
  • Presentation of the book EL MUNDO FELIZ, by Luisgé Martín, at Fundación Telefónica. With Manuel Vilas.  ©Ricardo Domingo
  • CCoordination of the filming of the advertisement 'Global Spain 2019'. ©Jorge Fernández-Mayoralas Álvarez
  • Prevention among equals conference, organized for the NGO Prevention and Social Development (PDS)
  • Tres Cantos Book Fair 2018
  • Cartoonists' trip for the book Drawing El Transcantábrico, by Rey Lear publishing house
  • Conference on international trafficking and trafficking in women
  We collaborate in the development of all kinds of cultural and audiovisual projects, taking care of the entire organization or any of its parts. We design and organize cultural initiatives, conferences and congresses of any subject.
We can take charge of the technical secretariat.
Our Contents department is able to prepare material for brochures and dossiers. And Ingenio de Comunicación can assume the press service and the relationship with the media, as well as the management of social networks.

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